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Hibiscus Lavender & Vanilla Oxymel

Hibiscus Lavender & Vanilla Oxymel

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 Hibiscus has some promising potential health benefits, and is rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and anthocyanin. While lavender may help promote sleep, skin health, boost mood, and soothe anxiety.

Oxymel: [ox·​y·​mel] comes from Latin meaning a mixture of acid and honey. This ancient concept of the healing power of food has been adapted over the years by combining botanicals to suit differing health needs and create a great-tasting and versatile culinary ingredient.

Suggested uses

  • Use as both condiment and ingredient
  • Drizzle on Green Salads or sautéed Greens
  • Splash into water or create a favorite new drink. 
  • Mix with olive oil and toss with cooked vegetables
  • For a quick pick-me-up take as a shot
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